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Pablo’s Business Directed Giving (BDG) is a program through which Pablo Foundation sponsors or makes donations to local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations but at the request and recommendation of Pablo Group’s Care Committee. The Care Committee consists of a diverse group of employees representing the various Pablo businesses. The Committee is encouraged and empowered to select local nonprofit organizations whose requests align with the Foundation’s mission and commitments.


BDG requests are accepted on a quarterly basis. The BDG submission portal is opened approximately one month prior to each submission due date of December 1st, March 1st, June 1st, and September 1st. These due dates are approximate to allow for the submission portal to be opened for at least one month. Signing up for our email updates is the most efficient way to receive announcements on when our BDG submission portal will open and close; click here to sign up. Based on the high volume of requests we receive, BDG grant recipients should wait a minimum of 9 months before making another submission.

To be eligible, an organization must:

  1. Serve the greater Eau Claire area,

  2. Have an active 501(c)(3) designation, AND

  3. Be currently registered as a Charitable Organization with the WI Department of Financial Institutions (and therefore authorized to solicit funding in the State of Wisconsin).


Eligible organizations with an active 501(c)(3) designation interested in being considered for a BDG grant should fill out the application linked below and will be contacted regarding their request.

Fill Out Information Here:

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