The Pablo Foundation focuses on issues related to housing, health, education, and the arts. The foundation’s founders chose these areas of concentration for specific reasons.



Food, water, and shelter are basic human needs. A shelter becomes a home when the residents feel a sense of safety and a sense of security. Through partnerships with multiple local agencies, Pablo Foundation’s affiliate, Home for Good, places families from varying backgrounds in affordable and tenable housing with the long-term goal of the families becoming owners of their homes. Responsible homeownership then moves beyond the safety of walls and equity, building financial security and a sense of belonging and community, which are essential building blocks to fighting poverty and inequities. We seek to support housing-related projects that are financially responsible, focus on the community, and provide long-term living solutions.



The health and wellness of a person is multi-dimensional. Along with being physically healthy, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually healthy people are more likely to live longer and be more productive, self-fulfilled neighbors. Our communities not only benefit but flourish when our citizens’ health and well-being are viewed holistically and when care is accessible by the most vulnerable. We strive to fill in the cracks where health and wellness funding is nonexistent, inadequate, or required in emergent situations.



Knowledge is power. Education transforms lives and can break the cycle of poverty—sometimes for an entire family in a single generation. Whether providing children with reading, writing, and sensory exposures when their brains are quickly developing or helping adults obtain equal access to higher education, scholarships, mentorships, and networks, we view education as taking place both in and out of the classroom. We support education efforts that are nimble, adaptable, and transferable across generations to come.



“The arts” are often conveyed or perceived as an intangible “something” available or of interest to only a select segment of citizens. The Pablo Foundation sees art as a vital element of the entire community, whether as the collective expression of a group of people, an appreciation for cultures different than our own, a straightforward source of entertainment, or a “draw” that spills over in support of local businesses and workers. We pursue opportunities that will expand and showcase an arts and cultural scene that is ever more vibrant and diverse.